Community groups in Devon are enabling people to invest in local renewable energy projects, improving their community's resilience

A film by Regen SW and Devon County Council on the community energy journey towards renewable generation and community benifit.

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Survey reveals the polarized public perceptions of the Polar regions

A fascinating new academic study suggests that peoples’ political orientation affects their perceptions and knowledge regarding basic facts about the North and South Poles.
Writing in Polar Geography, Lawrence Hamilton, Senior Fellow at the Carsey School of Public Policy, University of New Hampshire, examines the results of a series of New Hampshire state surveys conducted from 2011 to 2015 that tracked public knowledge of some basic polar facts.
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Global freshwater consumption crossing its planetary boundary

Planetary boundaries have been proposed to describe a safe operating space for humanity and human consumption of freshwater is used as the control variable for the freshwater planetary boundary. But new research from Stockholm University is shows that global freshwater consumption has already pushed beyond its safe limit. Read more »

Aluminium contamination suggested as a new factor in the decline of bee populations

A new scientific study has found very high amounts of aluminium contamination in bees, raising the question of whether aluminium-induced cognitive dysfunction is playing a role in the decline of bumblebee populations. Read more »

Media Training

14/07/2015 10:00
14/07/2015 16:00

Event Description

A truly inspiring day of practical media training to give you the tools to successfully promote your work and your organisation. This short course teaches how to improve your communications to create positive media interest (national, local, specialist & social media) and gain public support.

"Extremely useful to get in a room and discuss what works around the media. Talk Action provides this in a down-to-earth and effective way."
Terry Macalister, The Guardian

“Informative, thought provoking and confidence building” Read more »

Bite-Size Session: What lies beneath? How thermographic imaging can reveal how buildings are really built.

02/07/2015 17:00
02/07/2015 19:00

Event Description

It is regularly acknowledged that the gap between design intent and reality can be disturbingly large but how can we identify what's gone wrong?

Thermal imaging can be a very powerful way of finding where the gaps are in an external envelope and speakers Mark Watts (CEO of Cedar Rydal Ltd) and Mark Colyer (MD of ScanTherm) will use a recently built project - Windmill Close in Meopham - to demonstrate quite how useful this technology can be. Read more »

Facilitation Training

07/07/2015 10:00
07/07/2015 16:00

Event Description

Gain the tools and techniques to make your facilitation skills engaging and productive.

‘Very interesting event. Learnt a lot of great techniques.’
Helena Merriott (Westminster Council)

‘Very engaging facilitation, a good example.’
Stephen Davis (Natural England)

Good facilitation can help make local discussion and planning an enjoyable and productive process. It is also important for the development of better policy and practice, for understanding local needs and developing more sustainable communities. Read more »

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