'Gardeners of Eden' - SPECIAL FILM SCREENING

27/02/2015 18:30
27/02/2015 22:00

Event Description

On Friday 27th February, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) will be launching their first compelling film, ‘Gardeners of Eden’ at the Royal Geographical Society in London followed by a LIVE Q&A session with their Patron and Executive Producer of the film, Kristin Davis. Read more »

Ecotricity announces cut in gas bills by 6.1%, promising average annual savings of £42

Ecotricity, Britain’s leading green energy company, has announced it will cut gas bills by 6.1% – the biggest cut in the industry – following recent falls in the wholesale gas price. The company has only one gas tariff, so the price change will affect all customers, both new and existing. It comes into effect from May 1, saving customers an average £42 a year. Read more »

Communicating Renewable Energy

28/01/2015 10:00
28/01/2015 16:00

Event Description

Renewable energy is a vital part of our future energy strategy. Despite widespread public support, opposition and misinformation continues to exist in the UK.

This course looks at the background to these issues, offers core information about key renewable energy technologies, and focuses on how to make the case for renewables both in terms of general publicity, and site-specific discussions.

People attending this course will learn how to:

  • Discuss the role and importance of renewable energy systems in a low carbon future.
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People Care Permaculture Intensive


Event Description

Permaculture design for the self and our communities.

This immersive residential course will enable participants to confidently apply Permaculture design tools to personal and social settings. We will explore the role of nature connection in resourcing ourselves, our creativity and our design process.

Who is it for?
People who have already attended a permaculture design course or introduction to permaculture, with an interest in exploring the use of permaculture tools and design for personal and social projects

What to bring: Read more »

You can hear the coral reefs dying

Lionfish in an Indonesian coral reef

You can hear the sound of former bustling coral reefs dying due to the impact of human activity, according to new research from the Universities of Essex and Exeter. Coral reefs are amongst the noisiest environments on our planet and healthy reefs can be heard by using underwater microphones from kilometres away. However, scientists have found that coral reefs impacted by human activity, such as overfishing, are much quieter than protected reefs, which can have a big impact on the fish and invertebrates which rely on the reefs for survival. Read more »

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