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Capture Energy Ltd
Redruth, Cornwall, England
A Renewable Energy Company based in Cornwall. We provide a complete service relating to wind turbines, from screening, through to planning and installation as well as on-going maintenance and servicing...
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Eclectic Energy Ltd
Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England
Designs and manufactures micro wind generators for urban and marine leisure applications. Also supplies wind/water generators for use on cruising yachts...
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Gaia-Wind Ltd
Glasgow, Scotland
Gaia-Wind manufactures wind turbines for light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal and residential use. Our clients include working farms, educational institutions, large home owners, offices and other commercial premises…
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Leading Edge Turbines
Norwich, United Kingdom
Leading Edge is a UK designer and manufacturer of efficient, quiet and reliable wind turbines which provide local renewable power...
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Natural Power Consultants Ltd
Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, England
Natural Power is an independent renewable energy consultancy and products provider with over two decades of unique industry expertise. We provide planning and development, ecology and hydrology, environmental technical consultancy...
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Use The Wind
Helston, United Kingdom
Viable, reliable, wind turbines, from a supplier who understands design, and site suitability. We can offer advice from conception, through planning, to a fully working system...
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