Rain & Grey Water

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Gutter Mate Ltd
Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Supplies the Gutter Mate, a rain water filter and diverter. The filter filters all the rain water whether you are saving the water to a water butt or sending it into your soakaway...
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KACTUS Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Auckland, New Zealand
At Kactus, we provide eco water treatment solutions for your home or business. If you are considering having a rainwater harvesting system installed...
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Rainharvesting Systems Ltd
Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Designs and sells systems for harvesting rainwater from the roof of buildings and marking it available for use within the building where the high quality of mains drinking water is not necessary...
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UK Rainwater Harvesting Association
Liverpool, United Kingdom
An association established to enable organisations and companies engaged in the UK rainwater harvesting industry to work together, to assist in the development of the industry...
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Stormsaver Ltd
Newark, Nottinghamshire, England
Stormsaver are the UK market leader for rainwater harvesting and attenuation solutions. The company has a mission to ensure that everyone has access to a sustainable water supply. With a reputation for reliability, expertise and quality...
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