Auditing, Impact Assessment, Life-cycle, Footprinting & Resource Efficiency

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The CarbonNeutral Company
London, United Kingdom
Established more than a decade ago, The CarbonNeutral Company is a leading carbon reduction solutions provider...
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Carbon Guerrilla
London, United Kingdom
Offers a web-based carbon accounting solution that gives a complete solution for businesses seeking to manage and reduce their carbon liabilities whether they are in a voluntary or compliance-based scheme...
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Circular Ecology
Bristol, Avon, England
Circular Ecology offer carbon footprinting, life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental sustainability consultancy, research and a range of online training courses...
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Climate Care
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
ClimateCare originates and sources carbon credits on behalf of large corporates, NGOs, and sovereigns. In addition, we manage voluntary offset schemes for organisations and sell offsets to individuals...
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Climate Friendly
City of London, London, England
Climate Friendly is a profit-for-purpose company, single-mindedly focused on helping organisations to gain business value from their sustainability programmes...
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A company of world leading specialists and experts in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, ecosystem services, climate change policy, remote sensing and web based programming..
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Foundation myclimate - The Climate Protection Partnership
Zürich, Overseas, Not UK
The Climate Protection Partnership is based on the concept of voluntary and innovative solutions for climate protection and the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies. The international non-profit initiative originated 2002 as an ETH spin-off in Switzerland...
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Planet Positive
London, England
Planet Positive is a global mark of accreditation, underpinned by the Planet Positive Protocol, which sets the highest international standards in carbon measurement, reduction and offsetting...
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Pure the Clean Planet Trust
Watford, Hertfordshire, England
PURE the Clean Planet Trust is a UK charity that helps people in communities across the UK and around the world work together to reduce carbon emissions and build a cleaner future...
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