Gifts - Adoption & Memberships

Below are a few membership and adoption schemes which we've noticed recently.

Take a look at the listings in our directory chapter on campaigning organisations for many more ideas.

In the run up to Christmas we will be adding more entries to this section - so check back regularly.

1. PTES Kids Gone Wild club membership

Kids Gone Wild is a club for young animal fans who want to discover more about wildlife, take part in special events and competitions and complete fun challenges throughout the year.

Annual membership costs includes:

  • A Kids Gone Wild welcome pack full of goodies to help with wildlife watching
  • An individualised birthday card
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Discounts on PTES Wildlife Encounters events
  • Seasonal challenges and competitions
  • Exclusive access to secret kids pages on the PTES website
  • Exclusive access to experts for all your wildlife questions

Price: £15 per child

Price: £30
Available: Gift membership can be bought online here or by calling the Soil Association Membership Team on 0117 914 2447

2. Gift Membership to the Soil Association

Give a truly eco-friendly and inspirational gift - a year’s membership to the Soil Association which includes a beautiful Pukka organic herbal tea gift set. Every penny from the sale of this will go towards the Soil Association's work building a fairer, greener food and farming system.

Gift Membership includes:

  • A beautifully designed mug plus four boxes of Pukka organic herbal tea (see image)
  • Welcome Pack and Membership Card
  • A year's subscription to Living Earth magazine
  • Personalised Christmas card
  • All packaged in a gift box stamped with 'Please do not open until Christmas'

3. Adopt an Orangutan

From the moment a baby orangutan is prised away from its dead mother, its life changes forever. For 75% of the infants it is the beginning of the end. The lucky few find their way to rescue centres. In northern Sumatra, the Orangutan Foundation works with a centre dedicated to the confiscation, quarantine and reintroduction back to the wild of orphaned orangutans illegally taken from the wild for the pet trade.

Here, helpless baby apes are at last comforted and reassured and receive much needed mothering, companionship and expert veterinary care before entering a reintroduction programme.

By adopting an orangutan you will help to provide him or her with the loving care they depend upon as they embark on the slow journey back to the wild. Your adoption will also benefit the other orphans at the centre.

Price: £24.95 for a year's adoption.
You can also become a member of the Orangutan Foundation: Individual Life Membership is £350 and Corporate is £1000. Annual Memberships are: Individual £25; Patron £120; Family £40; Student & Senior £12; Junior £12

Available: from the Orangutan Foundation -

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