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See our suggestions below and visit Baby Wear, Clothes & Accessories and Children’s Clothing & Shoes for more ideas from the Green Guide Directory.

We're also compiling a special Green Guide for Baby & Child - there are nearly 300 listings in it already. The final version will be published in January but you can get a preview here.

Price: £17
Available: from Starchild


1. Starchild Shoes

Starchild famous soft sole leather baby shoes are recommended by mums and pediatricians and are all handmade in England. Famous customers include Madonna and the Beckhams.

Soft leather allows feet to breath move and grow naturally, while suede sole gives grip on tiled and wood or laminated floors. The elasticated ankle means no fastnings to come undone, keeps little one's socks on and cannot be kicked off - these shoes ‘really do stay on’ little feet. Free delivery for UK customers, gift wrap available and delivery direct to other addresses if requested.

2. Raspberry Cord Owl Dress

A beautiful pretty raspberry pink dress made by Frugi, with a fun owl applique on the front. Made from hardwearing organic cotton cord fabric that's comfortable and soft.

All Frugi baby clothes under 2 years are 'Cut4Cloth' which means you can fit a cloth nappy underneath them. Frugi organic clothes are made from organic cotton which is eczema friendly and very soft. and they are ethically made from start to finish.

Sizes available from 2-6years.

Price: £31.99
Available: from Babi Pur at

3. Cambridge Baby

The team at Cambridge Baby find the best natural clothing that's healthy and comfortable for baby and child. They make sure it's sustainably produced, both environmentally and socially. And it's all designed especially for children to live well in.

So their natural clothing is a gift from nature - no petrochemicals or plastics, simply natural fabrics made sustainably from natural fibres.

This woollen hooded cape is fully lined and made in England

Price: £90.00
Available: from Cambridge Baby at

4. Babies in Sheep’s Clothing

Babies in Sheep’s Clothing is an ethical clothing range for babies and young children made from lambskin and merino wool that is completely natural and perfect for the sensitive skin of young babies.

Pure merino wool from New Zealand is the world's most exclusive natural fibre and is as scarce as cashmere. It is the finest natural fibre in the world and is renowned for its natural elasticity, lustre, resilience, density, strength, warmth and softness.

Available: from

Price: Hoodie shown is £37.99
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