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We've picked out just a few of the dozens of green gift ideas we've seen recently and you can find many more suggestions from the Green Guide in the section on Gifts & Celebrations.

We're also compiling a special Green Guide for Baby & Child - there are nearly 300 listings in it already. The final version will be published in January but you can get a preview here.

1. Swaddled in Organic Bamboo

Rosy Cheek Cosy specialises in luxury baby comforters, baby gifts and accessories made using quality cotton, organic bamboo and organic cotton.

This muslin swaddle is made from organic and eco-friendly bamboo which makes it soft, gentle and chemical-free. The breathable fabric makes a practical burp cloth or a wrap for baby - or a play mat and sunshade.

Oeko-Tex certified.

Price: £16
Available: see

2. Help Save Animals & their Habitats

WWF is the voice for those that don’t have a voice. But if wild animals could talk they might well ask them to help save their habitat. This range of super-soft cute cuddly toys and key rings are inspired by the endangered species and the places they inhabit that WWF are working to protect.

There are six characters: tiger, polar bear, orangutan, panda, marine turtle, and elephant. Recommended for children 1 year old and over.

Price: Cuddly toy £5.99 (14cm) & £9.99 (25cm). Keychain £4.95
Available: from WWF's online shop at

3. A Natural Rocker

Stunningly beautiful, the Rosa Rocker from Naturalmat combines clean aesthetics with superior strength.

Naturalmat was started with the aim of helping babies and children sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural environment possible. Harnessing the potential of natural and organic materials like organic coir, natural latex and organic cotton, they have created a range of hand crafted mattresses that are superbly comfortable, breathable, washable and non-allergenic.

Now Naturalmat have added FSC-approved children's furniture to their range. It's a lovely range that will last and be passed from generation to generation.

Price: from £80
Available: from Naturalmat at

4. Oak & Rope

The Oak and Rope Company makes modern day heirlooms. Their new solid oak Height Chart is a perfect family present in a traditional design, but with a contemporary twist. All products are handmade and carved in Britain, in the company's workshop in Kent.

The height chart can be removed when redecorating, taken with you when you move, and it is made to last forever. Each one can be personalised with family mottos, slogans and names.

Price: £395
Available: visit

5. Having your Fairy Cake & Eating It!

These lovely products are ideal for people who appreciate handmade, ethically-made gifts rather than those mass-produced and factory-made.

Fairy Angel Cake create handmade and handpainted gifts from natural materials, such as wood and clay, and finished with Earthborn clay paints, cotton ribbon and natural twine.

They avoid the use of chemicals and even pack their boxes with Yorkshire meadow hay as a green alternative to bubble wrap.

Price: Ice Cream Plaque £10
Available: from Fairy Angel Cake at

Price: normally £24.99 - currently on offer at £14.99
Available: from By Nature at

6. Recycled Paper Train Set

Always wanted a train track that can fit your whole house like Wallace and Gromit's?

The Make Your Own Recycled Paper Train Set, available from By Nature, recycles waste paper into train tracks so you can make a train track as big and long as you want - and run a battery operated train!

This revolutionary toy is also educational as it helps children understand the full process of paper recycling. The train set comes with a battery-powered electric train.

7. Snakes & Ladders

You can’t beat the traditional games, and this lovely hand-painted snakes & ladders board game is a classic.

Handmade from MDF and sustainably-sourced rubber wood, this fun game is suitable for children aged 3 and over. Preschoolers will learn to count and have fun with the game which comes complete with 6 colourful counters and a dice. The board folds in half so it can be put away without taking up lots of space

Price: £14
Available: from Fairwind at

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