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1. Go Cycle

Gocycle G2 is a sleek, lightweight electric bicycle that combines power, portability and style to make commuting fun—yet keeps you fresh and clean and saves you time.

It's the brainchild of ex-McLaren Cars engineer Richard Thorpe and is a second-generation development of his G1 version which was launched in 2009 and sold out by 2011.

When you have beaten the traffic the G2 folds down into an easily portable travel case that you can stow in your office or living space, eliminating the security and storage worries of the traditional bike. G2s are also smartphone-enabled which allows fully customizable motor drive functions by the user and pin security.

Price: £2,710
Available: from GoCycle at - see also for resellers.

2. Wrap up for Winter

Renault Twizy drivers can stay looking cool in the cold this winter thanks to a nifty new window system which has hit the UK market before the big freeze kicks in. The device, which fixes onto Twizy’s gullwing doors is a smart piece of kit that will keep the British weather out and make the compact two-seater even more versatile.

Twizy is the first-ever fully-electric urban compact two-seater, combining bold design and bright styling. It's fun, easy to drive and entirely zero-emission in road use.

Price: Window Kit £295; Twizzy prices start at £6,690, with monthly battery hire starting from £45
Available: visit

3. Pure Twilight

Twilight is a bedside digital and FM radio offering dawn simulation, built in sounds, lullabies and mood lighting.

Thanks to its energy saving LED based light solution, it is the most energy efficient product of its kind on the market. It provides the same light output as a 45W incandescent light bulb for just 5.4W when the lamp is on. Twilight is also part of Pure’s EcoPlus programme - an on-going commitment to looking after the environment. All Pure products are designed to minimise their environmental impact, have the smallest possible packaging and use components chosen to minimise environmental damage.

Price: SRP £139.99
Available: see

Price: £49.99
Available: from

4. Alert Me

The AlertMe Home Energy Monitoring Kit is a Christmas gift that keeps giving. It helps consumers to save up to 25 per cent on their energy bills by providing real time visibility and cost prediction of the amount energy being used as well as the cost of running different household appliances to view anytime, anywhere, online and on your smart phone. With this information consumers can see where energy is being wasted and take action to save money as well as reducing their CO2 footprint.

The kit works by measuring the energy used through a household’s electricity meter. This information is the sent to the consumer’s broadband router and presented to them online. This allows consumers to see their home electricity usage instantly in real time, there is also a free iPhone app so that consumers can see their energy usage on the go, as well as turn appliances on and off remotely.

5. Let the Fossils Rest in Peace!

Berlin-based renewable energy company Younicos has designed Yill, a mobile energy storage unit for environmentally sustainable and mobile work spaces. Conceived by German designer Werner Aisslinger, Yill is a white monowheel with the look and feel of a contemporary design object and real practical benefits: it can autonmously supply a modern workstation with energy for two to three days.

The unit can supply 300 Watts of electricity without cords or cables through its rechargeable lithium titanium batteries. It allows those who generate their own electricity from renewable resource to completely disconnect from traditional power grids even during days without a ray of sunlight.


6. Spread the Heat

Ecofans are heat-powered fans designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood or gas stove, boosting the heat output so less fuel is used.

They don't use batteries or mains electricity and cost nothing to run. The improved warm air circulation means the heat is fired straight into the room instead of just rising to the ceiling. Testing carried out in collaboration with a leading Canadian university has proven that using an Ecofan results in fuel savings of up to 14%.

When this generator experiences a heat differential between its top and bottom surfaces, it pumps out electricity and moves the fins. So when the wood burner starts to heat up the base of the fan the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan's top cooling fins and the electricity is generated - very clever!

Price: £119
Available: from Green Stamp -

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