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1. Patricia Gallagher Oganics

PG Organics has made its debut with Embrace, an alluring eau de parfum created with entirely natural and organic ingredients.

Embrace is a chypré with a distinct oriental influence. Notes of amber and musk envelope the delicate floral notes of neroli, iris, mimosa, rose and ylang ylang. The subtly spiced scent also blends vanilla and tonka bean with the nuances of black pepper and ginger.

“Nature is the best perfumer of all”, says founder Patricia Gallagher who travelled to Grasse to train in Natural Perfumery in pursuit of her aromatic quest to create premium perfumes that meet the highest ethical standards.

Embrace is certified organic by Ecocert.

Price: £58 for 30ml
Available: from and The Natural Store at

2. Ecobeauty

Swedish beauty company Oriflame's Ecobeauty range, including an eau de toilette, was launched at the beginning of 2012. It has been approved by four leading independent ethical, natural and environmental global organisations: Fairtrade, Ecocert, The Vegan Society and FSC.

The joyful fragrance inspires with verdant basil, sparkling orange blossom, delicate ylang-ylang and a sensual vetiver trail. Harmony for you and the planet.

Price: £20.95 for 50ml
Available: from Oriflame -

3. Rich Hippie

Prior to World War II, all fine perfume was 100% natural and chemical-free. Perfume was made by combining extracts from flowers and plants that were almost always farmed organically or wildcrafted with 100% natural "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol.

However, after the war, the chemical industry needed new markets to keep factories running and began manufacturing synthetic perfume. These imitation flower and plant essences were mixed with cheap alcohol made from petroleum instead of wine alcohol.

In contrast, Rich Hippie perfume is made using traditional methods. Their "spirits of wine" are natural and made from organically grown grapes harvested in California. All of the plant and flower extracts used are organic or wildcrafted.

The perfumes are made in very small batches and are products that are both safe for your health and for the enviroment.

Price: $48 (check exchange rates for Sterling/Euro prices)

Price: Eau De Parfum RRP £29.50 for 50ml; Eau Fraiche RRP £22.50 for 30ml
Available: from Marks and Spencer stores, and

4. Acorelle Essence of Chypre

Set the with Acorelle’s beautifully elegant and sensuous organic perfumes. More than a fragrance, these ‘feel-good’ perfumes seduce and arouse the senses with their powerhouse of ‘living’ pure essential oils that instill sensuality, happiness and passion

Nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac, ylang ylang, is blended with fresh geranium and rose petals with a hint of hypnotising oriental and spicy accords, creating an alluring fragrance that restores harmony and assurance for more sensuality.

Certified organic by Ecocert.

5. Pegasus

Pegasus is the new fragrance range from Aura-Soma, created using only natural and organic essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. The collection contains eight beautiful coloured bottles inspired by the Aura-Soma equilibrium range.

The alcohol, which is used as the fragrance carrier, is certified organic by the Soil Association and fermented from pure organic grain. The perfumes are guaranteed free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Price: £85 for 50ml
Available: stockist info from

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