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Can pop-ups pave the way to thriving public space in world's cities?

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Members of the Malaysian Institute of Planners sit on rocks that double as seating while visitors explore a temporary public space in downtown Kuala Lumpur, 12 Feb 2018. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Gregory Scruggs.

Pop-ups have become popular in many cities, often the brainchild of local residents in an effort to improve their neighbourhoods or turn derelict spaces into community hubs.

On a patch of gravel that was once a nondescript bus stop in Kuala Lumpur's old city, passersby can now find brightly-painted wooden pallets that double as seating and shelves stocked with free books for the taking. At least, for the time being. Read more »

Taking greenhouse gases from the sky: 7 things to know about carbon removal

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Restoring degraded landscapes like this one in Costa Rica is a natural way of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Photo by Luciana Gallardo Lomeli/WRI

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Three scenarios show we have to think carefully about ethics in designing smart cities

Jakarta’s traffic system is one of many facets of the city that could be improved by smart cities technologies, but at what cost? © Vasenka Photography/Flickr (CC BY 4.0)

Anthony Burke, University of Technology Sydney and Prasuna Reddy, University of Technology Sydney Read more »

Take up the 10% Challenge and help wildlife flourish in your garden

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The 10% Challenge is a project designed to get people “creating homes for wildlife in their gardens”

A few days ago I had the pleasure of an early morning visit to Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk, just south of Ipswich. Read more »

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