Waitrose Limited


Waitrose carries out all its business in the ‘Waitrose Way’, which means:

• Treading lightly on the environment: Waitrose pioneered responsible fishing among retailers over 15 years ago and sources all its seafood from responsible sources. The retailer is also rolling out HFC-free refrigerators to its stores, which emit 20% less emissions. And Waitrose was the first retailer to introduce 'anaerobic digestion' in 2008, now recycling food waste from the majority of its branches.

• Championing British produce: 100% of Waitrose chicken, beef, pork, bacon, milk and eggs are British, and all lamb in season. The retailer's commitment to animal welfare means it is Compassion in World Farming's Compassionate Retailer of the Year, and its local and regional sourcing initiative now supports over 600 smaller suppliers, selling over 2500 local products.

• Living well: Waitrose banned hydrogenated vegetable oils from its food in 2008, uses only natural colours, and through its LOVE life range aims to make it easy for its customers to eat a nutritional balanced diet without compromising on taste.

• Treating people fairly: The Waitrose Foundation supports African produce growers - raising nearly £4m since its launch in 2005, supporting more than 22,000 farm workers and their families.


Tel: +44 (0) 1344 424 680
Web: www.waitrose.com


Doncastle Road,
Bracknell RG12 8YA
United Kingdom
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Tuesday, 17 January, 2012 - 00:49

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