Reduce your water consumption by 99% and clear your waste pipes of scale. eco-cube® is an award-winning proven microbiological product that will retro fit any washroom urinal to make it a waterless system. Using our powerful probiotic bacteria, the eco-cube® system for washroom urinals does not require any flushing water or any harmful chemicals or detergents! Using powerful naturally occurring bacteria, the eco-cube system converts washrooms into healthier and more hygienic places, that will also help reduce maintenance and overheads.

eco-cube® is a proven product. It is sold to 7 countries worldwide and is in use an estimated 40,000 urinals. Contact us now to convert your urinals to the eco-cube® system.


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3 Edgar Buildings, George Street,
Bath, Somerset BA1 2FJ
United Kingdom
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Tuesday, 14 February, 2012 - 17:18

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