The journey to true Sustainability is in some respects, never-ending. There will always be something which can be done leaner, cleaner or not at all. However, as the leading global corporates are rapidly realising, like the IT revolution and decades of quality initiatives, there has to be a fully integrated and holistic approach to sustainability. It doesn’t belong to a Sustainability Manager… or the CSR or Marketing departments…

Sustainability has to be part of the DNA of the whole organisation. It must permeate every function, department and individual both within the business and through the supply-chain. It radiates into the market and creates brand integrity, market positioning and competitiveness for the private sector.

Once the journey begins, far from being a frustrating, costly and time-consuming distraction, it becomes the most compelling, innovative and exciting driver for business change and improvement. Approached holistically it allows many of the frustrations of an organically-developed culture to be realigned. Organisations who have embraced transformational sustainable change, report increases in every business metric. All the leading corporates have substantially increased year on year investment because they have rapidly realised the returns eclipse almost any other known campaign.

Sarah Daly can take your teams through a flexible but focussed journey which is totally owned by the organisation; with clearly defined targets and paybacks across virtually all business activities within short, medium and long-term timescales.


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sustainable development; strategy; marketing; business development; organisational change

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Chartered Marketer & Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing
Fellow of Royal Geographical Society;

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Wednesday, 13 March, 2013 - 19:32

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