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Filter your water the eco-friendly way with bamboo charcoal water filters. This wonderful natural product is made without any chemical processing, has no plastic packaging or encasement and leaves you with no waste at all. It is made using bamboo, which is abundant and sustainable. Simply put the charcoal pieces in your water jug, fill the jug and let it filter slowly over several hours. The charcoal not only filters, but mineralises the water. The pieces can be used to filter water for about 2 months and afterwards there are many household uses for them. For instance, put them in the bread bin because they inhibit mould, or in your shoes as they absorb odours. After using them for 6 months to a year, return them to the earth by burying them in your garden, as they will fertilise the soil.


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Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6PJ
United Kingdom

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