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Today, almost every perfume is created from synthetic essences. Although synthetics approximate the odors of natural ingredients, they have none of the complexity, mystery, or emotional depth of the natural ingredients. They result in ‘linear’ fragrances that strike the senses bluntly, all at once. Yet just as a full palette of natural essences became available, commercial perfumers began to set them aside in favour of synthetic ingredients, which are cheaper, sturdier, and more uniform in quality.

At Aftelier Perfumes, the approach to creating artisan natural perfumes is based in the quality and integrity of the ingredients. Unlike most commercial perfumes, for each of the hand-crafted liquid and solid perfumes, perfumier Mandy Aftel chooses from among more than five hundred of the finest natural essences found anywhere in the world, using organic or wild-crafted oils whenever possible. Mandy has learnt to work with these essences by immersing herself in them and in the rich literature of the perfume masters of a century ago. She considers herself privileged to have the opportunity to create with these precious essences, and sees herself as custodian of a sacred art.


Tel: +1 510 841 2111


1442A Walnut St, #369,
Berkeley, California 94709
United States

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