Sea Glass Jewellery


Sea glass, marine gems, sea sapphires, mermaids tears, Atlantic amber - all describe found beach glass once it has been worn down to smooth organic forms by the constant ebb and flow of the tide. A process of chemistry between sea water and glass, the physics of weather, and passage of time have transformed jettisons of waste and negligence into gems of enchantment and beauty. For Gina, a piece of sea glass is as precious as a diamond - though where the mined natural rock is cut and reshaped by man into sparkling stones; with sea glass, pieces of man made glass are tumbled and reshaped by nature into luminous, frosted stones.

As with the sea glass itself, no item of jewellery is quite the same, making each piece unique and individual. Settings and clasps are in hand forged silver or gold. Sea glass looks best against bare skin or muted colours (cream, white, stone, ecru, grey, black) and complements natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk.


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Studio 1,
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