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Growtheatre is a theatre company with a difference: we develop theatre inspired by our environment and landscape, bringing about a greater sense of community and belonging.

Our youth theatres and projects provide a space for children and young people to develop the skills they are going to need to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our focus is to create theatre inspired by local, outdoor spaces (be it an urban landscape, ancient woodland, city park or rural countryside).

During the making of each show or event, the young people have an opportunity to learn practical as well as communication skills. Props are built and performance areas constructed in trees, disused clothing is transformed into costumes, words and stories are woven from the place we find ourselves working.

Taking an outdoor space as a starting point, we explore the context in which it has developed as well as the new stories it has to share. People shape places and this interaction is a rich starting point to create exciting theatre. This means that young people who make theatre with us create work based on the past, the present, the future or the never before imagined! By doing this, we hope that young people grow to understand the integral part we all play on our environment.


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United Kingdom

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Young people, theatre, youth theatre, resilience skills, communication skills, green woodworking skills, ranger skills, woodland, learning from nature,

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