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Created in New Zealand in 2007, this premium skincare is free of the potentially harmful petrochemicals, parabens, artificial coloring, silicones and Nano particles found in many skincare products. But Snowberry is much more than simply natural. These luxurious creams and serums are an exquisite blending of Nature and Science, combining the finest clinically proven bio-actives with natural herbal extracts to enhance all skin types, at any age.

“Snowberry,” says Founder Soraya Hendesi, “feels wonderful, but it is really designed to combat the Six Enemies of Radiant Skin – free radicals, inflammation, glycation, proteinases, dehydration and discoloration. Most women see their complexion transformed in less than two weeks. I think of it as essential food for the skin!”

Little wonder that Snowberry contains no less than thirteen of the most beneficial skin renewal peptides. And where some brands proclaim a super-fruit, Snowberry offers twelve. Most skincare makes do with an antioxidant or two, but Snowberry brings twenty to bear, and where many use silicone or palm oil, Snowberry combines thirty of the world’s finest natural herbal emollients.

No product is tested on animals or contains any animal product, and each Snowberry product is certified carbon neutral anywhere in the world.


Tel: +64 (0) 9 263 7900
Mobile: +64 21 504 595


10a Earl Richardson Avenue,
Auckland 2104
New Zealand

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