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We offer a cost effective way of cutting pollution and saving fuel with a retro-fit fuel enhancing kit called Econokit. Econokit was designed by engineers to significantly reduce the amount of emissions (including CO2) produced by internal combustion engines and improves fuel economy by on average 10% for diesel and petrol engines and 5% for LPG fuelled engines.

With an Econokit installed we have seen in excess of a 50% reduction in smoke emitted from diesel engines, this reduction is due to the cleaner burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber. Although Econokit is innovative and unique, the product design is deceptively simple, it has evolved over the last seven years and has been in use globally for over three years. It is easy to understand and see how it works.

How it works: Econokit uses rain water or de-mineralised/distilled water. It breaks the rain water down into a humid mist, through a bubbler in the reservoir and a unique patented exhaust manifold mounted reactor process, transforms the mist into a gas and superheated steam. The gas/mist acts as a catalyst to enhance combustion of the fuel inside the engine's combustion chamber.


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