Qbic London City Hotel


Qbic is an urban hospitality experience that refuses to bow down to urban hospitality convention. A new type of hotel defined as much by playful convenience as by a lightness of style. An urban refuge for the open-minded traveller who believes clean rooms and comfortable beds are no longer unique selling points, but basic human rights. Because an urban hotel should embrace the energy and lightness that surround it not keep them at bay. It shouldn’t try to mimic home, but deliver an exhilarating local experience that isn’t at all like home.

The battle for lower and lower prices has turned hotel rooms into an expendable commodity. They are just places to lay your head. To survive and thrive, we have to add new values to the equation. Up the ante with something entirely new and exciting. We believe the competitive advantage lies in cultivating relationships with our guests – relationships that go beyond just us being hotelier. Adding value through enthusiasm, affection and local knowledge. By being otherworldly attentive to their needs and cultivating local expertise through knowledge and collaboration with local heroes.

There are enough places to just your head, Qbic wants to be the place people come back continually to hand their hat and have a good time.


Tel: + (0) 20 3021 1443
Email: reservationslcy@qbichotels.com
Web: www.london.qbichotels.com & www.qbichotels.com


42 Adler Street,
London E1 1EE
United Kingdom

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Design Hotel, East London

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Thursday, 8 May, 2014 - 09:53
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Thursday, 8 May, 2014 - 09:53

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