BRICKER - Total Renovation Strategies for Energy Reduction in Public Building Stock


Buildings owned by public bodies account for a considerable share of the building stock and have high visibility in public life. As such the European public sector can be an important driver for more efficient products, buildings and services, and for promoting behavioural changes in energy consumption by citizens and enterprises.

BRICKER will deliver innovative retrofitting solutions and demonstrate these in three real settings chosen for their potential for replication. They are located in Belgium, Spain and Turkey. Each site bears a particular set of features and uses: an academic facility, an administration building and public Turkish premises. Understanding energy use in the non-residential sector is complex as end-uses such a lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling and refrigeration, and IT equipment vary greatly from one building category to the another. It is estimated that average energy consumption in the non-residential sector is at least 40% greater than in the residential sector.

The BRICKER demonstrations will play a pivotal role in this and the project is expected to produce far-reaching results in the areas such as demand reduction strategies, integration of innovative hybrid cogeneration systems and effective interactions of energy flows and improved methodologies for interconnectivity.


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