Puji is a London-based company that is inspired by the beauty of the Far East and Orient. The name ‘Puji’ is Indonesian and simply means to bless or admire. For us its perfect we want you to stand back, admire your home and the beauty of our furniture.

Words such as tranquil, eco-friendly, sustainable, reclaimed and functional are what drive our designers and the company. Our furniture is hand-crafted from reclaimed timbers are very eco-friendly as no new trees need to be used.

This old teak is sourced through recognised Indonesian timber brokers who purchase timbers recovered from old colonial buildings. This rustic, weathered and durable wood is perfect for the UK market. It is much less likely to shrink, move or crack.

We now manufacture both furniture and hand crafted accessories from all across Indonesia and its beautiful villages. We love the techniques that local Indonesians use and the final result are pieces that have been lovingly crafted and don’t impact the environment.

In the UK, Puji still maintain their ethical production and minimising our environmental impact is one of our core aims. We work hard to recycle as much packaging in the UK as possible and we operate ‘positive recycling’ reusing as many boxes and wrappings as possible.

Our North London showroom showcases our best selling pieces and is styled by our Interior designers to give you a sense of how the pieces can fit into your lifestyle and work in real homes. Our in house interior designer is also always on hand to help you plan your interior, find space solving solutions and turn your visions into a reality. We have one goal here and that is to help you find inspiration and an interior you will love.


Tel: +44 (0) 20 8886 3000
Email: info@puji.com
Web: www.puji.com


20 Ashfield Parade,
London N14 5EJ
United Kingdom

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Thursday, 22 May, 2014 - 10:49
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