Cambrian Wildwood


Cambrian Wildwood is a project to restore the wildwood to a large area of the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. It involves the full ecological restoration of several hundred acres of land, increasing to several thousand acres in the long term. Habitat restoration of native woodland and other natural areas will be followed up with reintroduction of native animals to create a complete functioning natural ecosystem.

The project has not yet started on the ground, as it depends on purchasing land. We are currently raising the money for this by inviting people to become Wildwood Founders, which you can do by going on our website. Once the project starts on the ground, the Wildwood area will be fully accessible to the public free of charge, so that people can enjoy the area on foot, or bicycle or horseback, camping in the wild, and pursuing adventure activities. There will be opportunities to join in with the restoration work including tree planting by joining volunteer activities.


United Kingdom

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wldwood, rewilding, wildland, ecological, restoration, wild, species, reintroduction, wilderness, adventure

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Wednesday, 28 May, 2014 - 09:38
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