Ausganica began in 1997 with group of aromatherapists, organic farmers, and cosmeceutical experts who all shared the dream of healthy natural personal care.

Formed in the mild weather and pure land of Australia, we ensure that from the growing of plants and botanicals, to the procuring of the actives and every single step in the manufacturing process, all had to be harmless, not causing damage to the natural environment. Using advanced technology, aromatic science and our cosmeceutical expertise, together we set out to develop and maximize the potential of organic living.

Organic botanical essences form the core of Ausganica, where they follow the ancient methods of hand picking fresh plants, infusing them with organic grain alcohol, allowing them to steep for 28-30 days, then extracting. This is to ensure a complete and diverse nutrient content in the actives and preserve their ultimate vitality.

In order to achieve premium quality, Ausganica insists on only organic, natural and expressly allowed ingredients according to certified organic and eco/green standards. We don’t use synthetic fragrances, synthetic minerals, synthetic colours, sulphates, parabens and other harsh ingredients.. And we never do any animal testing, or use animal-tested source ingredients, or animal-derived ingredients.


Tel: +61 2 8604 7000


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Unit 1/8 Wainwright Road, Mt Druitt,
Sydney, New South Wales 2770

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Memberships & Accreditations

Grown from one of the world’s largest certified organic farms, with nearly 500 acres, certified Grade A by OGA (Organic Growers Australia), and also certified by HACCP. The manufacturing is certified by both ACO (Australian Certified Organic), and the OFC (Organic Food Chain).

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