Climate Markets & Investment Association (CMIA)


The Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) is the voice of the climate, sustainable finance and services community.

Governments and policy makers across the world recognise CMIA as a leader among progressive trade associations with regards to incentivising low-carbon and resource efficient investment through market mechanism, pre-compliance markets, or climate and sustainable finance mechanisms.

CMIA's strength lies in the comprehensive technical expertise of its secretariat and the experience of its members. The association works to communicate this expertise to international policy makers, government departments and key law makers to help them develop cost-effective and efficient market based solutions to address climate change and resource scarcity. The CMIA's membership spans six continents and includes international investment banks, venture capitalists, project developers, technology providers, law firms, consultancies and verifiers.

CMIA's membership structure and leadership team provides an ideal base from which to deliver strong consensus messaging on key issues which have a broad industry impact. In addition, the structure of the working groups also helps to ensure that individual members get an equal share of voice when it comes to policy debates, which are of interest to their companies. CMIA is a membership led organisation, with an elected President and Board, beneath which Board-appointed Working Group chairs and regional heads of chapters drive the work of the CMIA at a grass roots level. CMIA has an independent secretariat that facilitates working group activities, engages in advocacy on behalf of the membership and works to ensure that the association's work balances the needs and fairly represents all of its diverse membership.




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