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MicroPro is a small company based in Dublin that has pioneered the development of green computers, to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, waste and the risk of raw materials shortages. It has done this by developing 2 prototypes, one of a desktop (iameco v3) and another of a laptop (iameco D4R) computer.

The design of the prototypes has been based on “design for reuse”, by developing a chassis made of renewable or recycled wood and recycled metal, and facilitating access to all internal working parts, so components can be easily repaired, upgraded and reused. MicroPro has also developed a service network to repair, upgrade and take-back the PC's, side by side with the eco-designed products. iameco computers have been tested on the basis of internationally recognised standards, to demonstrate a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in relation to conventional computers, over their life-cycle when compared to a baseline scenario.

The iameco v3 is currently available for sale at € 850 and the laptop D4R will be available at the end of 2014 for a similar price.

Accessories such as wooden mice and keyboards are also available at their online store.


Tel: +353 1 493 0514
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96 Nutgrove Avenue, Rathfarnham,

Key Words

eco-computer, circular economy, ecodesign, zero waste, energy, efficient, cradle to grave, wooden, keyboard, mouse

Memberships & Accreditations

MicroPro is accredited ISO 14001 and ISO 9000.

The iameco v3 is accredited with Energy Star 5 and the EU Ecc-Label.

MicroPro are members of the StEP (Solving the E-Waste Problem) initiative co-ordinated by the United Nations University.

iameco computers were selected as one of the 100 most innovative products by the Sustainian Inititive (Oslo) and awared the Golden Berlin by the Berlin Going Green Electronics Conference 2010.

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