PowaCycle is the name behind affordable electrically assisted pedal cycles with advanced features as standard. Switching to an electric bike from a conventionally powered vehicle reduces urban pollution. An electric bike is a true ‘dual power’ vehicle, using both the rider's energy assisted by a battery powered motor, to give an effortless riding experience. PowaCycle bikes can travel up to 37 miles between recharges and at speeds up to 15mph under power alone.

An electric bike cuts urban journey time in cities. Models are available with diamond frame, step-over frames and lightweight folding frames. Both power assisted pedalling and throttle control are available. The throttle boosts power to hill climb an enables individuals with joint problems to ride without using the pedals. In 2007 PowaCycle were the first UK manufacturer to launch Lithium Polymer powered electric bikes providing long range travel from a lightweight battery.


Tel: +44 (0) 1279 821 243
Email: info@powacycle.co.uk
Web: www.powacycle.co.uk


Akhter House, Perry Road,
Harlow CM18 7PN
United Kingdom

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