Rural Environmental Action Project (REAP)


REAP promotes sustainable development by supporting local enterprise, environmental action, and supporting communities to identify their own needs and build the capacity to meet them. Broadly speaking REAP’s three core activities are:

  • Promoting and supporting equitable economic solutions
  • Promoting community cohesion to ensure a capacity to meet identified needs
  • Raising environmental awareness and promoting action to enhance our shared environment.

REAP sees the economic aspect of sustainable development as supporting and investing in local social enterprises. A cornerstone of REAP’s work is to support and encourage local community groups to identify needs, gain funding, plan training and independently manage their own project. REAP has the capacity to engage with small and large organisations alike but is particularly keen to support those which have an environmental challenge ahead.

The environmental aspects of sustainable development, particularly carbon reduction, are also key. REAP uses different ways of engaging with the community at all levels to get home the environmental message, including the use of a thermal imaging camera, school based education and activities, and energy advice sessions. In recent years REAP has enjoyed a constructive relationship with the Climate Challenge Fund to make the broadcast of the environmental message possible.


Tel: +44 (0) 1542 888 070


177 Mid Street,
Keith AB55 5BL
United Kingdom

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