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Healthy and Green is a distributor for an online eco-warehouse with over 1000 eco-friendly products that are not tested on animals.

The company recognises that they cannot be totally green with everything that they do. They believe that it is impossible to do, so they do not profess to do it. Instead, they claim to be ‘greener’, which means they try their best at all times to ensure their products and services are as green as they can possibly be – or at least, if they are not, the product will still help you in some other more environmentally friendly way.

The company believes that no animals should be harmed for the purposes of producing cosmetic and toiletry products. They are opposed to the use of animal testing for cosmetics (or any other) purposes.

They do not use any supplier who they believe is, or may use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Each supplier is contacted and asked to state their policy on animal testing.

Healthy and Green feel that although it would be wonderful to buy everything locally, this is not yet possible so here's the next best thing. A website where you should be able to find what you need with free delivery on orders over £20.00


Tel: +44 (0) 1622 296 681

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