SmallWorld Urbanism


Vision: To see a world where the streets are green and abundant with food, where people can gather and play, learn new skills and work with their hands. To re-use waste materials and find local solutions with local people that are practical and help implement them.

Aim: Our aim is to contribute to re-colonisation of the built environment with our collaborative imagination so freeing up nature, food, play, spaces and colour from their tarmac, concrete and corporate captors.

Philosophy: Our philosophy has been shaped by systems thinking, smart urbanism, design thinking, ecology, permaculture, and the circular economy. In the current paradigm shift, we are working not only in multiple disciplines, but also in finding ways to design and deliver projects that take advantage of network benefits of collaboration and leveraging the systems in play. Through viewing problems as systemic and fractal amounts to seeing that small localised actions can amount to large changes in the built & natural environment and our quality of life. By tapping into the calmness that overcomes us when surrounded by nature and the fact that we all eat food is engaging as we all have it in common – and most of us enjoy colour – so why are our streets grey, hard and devoid of free food provided for us by bountiful nature? We can easily work together to retrofit a more natural, abundant and colourful environment.


Tel: +44 (0) 7807 913 804
Mobile: +44 (0) 7814 043 189


6 Somerleyton Road, Brixton,
London SW9 8ND
United Kingdom

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