North Star Coffee Roasters


We’re the first coffee roasters in our great city of Leeds dedicated to sourcing, roasting and supplying the best coffees we can get our hands on!

North Star is focused 100% on speciality grade Arabica coffees which we craft roast on demand on Roxanne – our 5KG Toper. We have some stand out single origin coffees for filter and two amazing house espresso blends – Czar Street Seasonal Espresso and Dark Arches Espresso.

We’re driven to source coffees of exceptional quality but we like our planet and we like the people on it so of equal importance is our commitment to considering both of these. We work with the responsibly minded importer, Falcon Speciality Green Coffee Importers and as such their approach is ours to:

We’re committed to paying sustainable prices for our coffees to ensure the welfare of the farmers we source from around the world.

This allows them to cover their costs for production and re-invest in their crop year after year, creating long-lasting relationships and ensuring the coffee we loved this year will be available next year.

Many of our coffees carry internationally recognised certification and those that don’t are from farms that have been approved by Falcon’s trained social auditors. This ensures everybody working on the farm, from the farmer to the picker, do so in line with International Labour laws.


Tel: +44 (0) 7725 144 211


Unit 27, Penraevon Industrial Estate,
Jackson Road,
Leeds LS7 2AP
United Kingdom

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