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Formula Botanica is the world's largest and best-known Organic Cosmetic Science School. We offer 100 per cent online training courses for skincare entrepreneurs who want to start their own organic and natural skincare range.

Our Diplomas and Certificates are unlike anything you will find in conventional cosmetology or skincare training because we only focus on natural and organic high performance skincare. We don’t train you to be a recipe follower, we teach you to be an organic skincare innovator.

Formula Botanica stands for the principles of health and sustainability in cosmetics and skincare. We are left cold by most mainstream cosmetics as they are generally pumped full of water, cheap fillers, animal by-products, synthetic skin irritants and artificial fragrances.

We are of the opinion that natural and organic ingredients are superior for the skincare properties they deliver. Nothing can beat an organic cold pressed plant oil, a freshly distilled flower water, an exotic botanical butter, a high performance plant extract, an exquisitely fragrant essential oil.

Formula Botanica will teach you how to create your own unique skincare, how to only use natural and organic ingredients and how to bring a high performance element to your skincare range.

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Wednesday, 8 July, 2015 - 20:05
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