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Earthshine Solutions is a dynamic company dedicated to influencing the successful spread and application of sustainable business practices. An important and unique feature about our approach is that we integrate sustainability and “bottom line” benefits within the same business case; our belief is that sustainability and business efficiency should work “hand in hand”.

Our mission is to help organisations meet their challenges, develop and implement sustainable solutions that will deliver optimum results for the organisation, its stakeholders, society and the environment. We don’t see sustainability as a separate or new agenda, but something which should be seamless and integrated within our approach to business, work and life.

We aim to become the consultant of choice with services that are seen as truly the best, and a proposition seen as excellent value. We also aim to be the employer of choice and attract the best talent in the market. We draw from a number of disciplines to synthesise our holistic approach and have been working for a number of years on delivering significant benefits to major clients in the public and private sectors. We want to understand your challenges completely and engage with you to develop the optimal solution for your context, and leave you with sustainable results, knowledge and skills.


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7898 0525


31 Southampton Row,
London WC1B 5HJ
United Kingdom

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