Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC)


LARAC was formed in 1985 to represent the emerging voice of local government recycling officers. Full Membership is open to any local authority within the UK. We represent local authority views in waste and recycling issues, and we are run by an Executive of 20 local authority waste management officers. We have members from authorities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales including associates from the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Associate membership is open to any Local Authority with a waste function within the EU.

LARAC's vision is to be the leading voice for local authorities on recycling, waste and resource management.

Our mission is to influence UK waste policy for the benefit of our members in a manner which advances the waste and reource industry; to provide membership services in a cost effective and quality manner so that our members are well informed and to provide premier local authority national waste conferences that act as a catalyst for information dissemination and promotion of good practice within local authorities.

LARAC believes that all material currently see as 'waste' is in fact a potential resource and that it should not be disposed of by any means that does not recover a significant proportion of its value. Responsible stewardship of the environment is extremely important. Applied to municipal waste management this means that:

  • Waste generation must be stopped at source wherever possible and products should be designed for durability, repair and re-use
  • Discarded materials should be collected so that they can be recycled or composted
  • Where recycling isn’t possible material should be processed so as to recover useful stable organic material and/or energy
  • Use of landfill should be reduced to the absolute minimum.


Tel: +44 (0) 1982 382 650
Email: admin@larac.org.uk
Web: www.larac.org.uk


PO Box 28,
Knighton LD8 2WA
United Kingdom

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