Havering London Borough Council


Havering operates a weekly refuse and recycling collection. Residents are provided with orange sacks for the collection of paper, thin card, tins and cans, and plastic bottles. Cardoard can also be collected if flattened and placed next to the orange sack or loose inside an orange bin (orange bins are for flats residents recycling). Recycling is collected on the same day as the refuse but in separate vehicles. The orange sack materials are then seperated from the sacks and sorted at a Materials Recycling Facility in Newham.

There are approximately 60 recycling bring banks around the Borough collecting a variety of materials: glass, paper, textiles, tins and cans, plastic bottles, and paper based cartons. In addition, Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre accepts materials for recycling, from paper and cans, to waste engine oil, garden waste, wood, and fridges, as well as waste items.


Tel: +44 (0) 1708 432 563
Email: waste-team@havering.gov.uk
Web: www.havering.gov.uk


Streetcare, 10th Floor Mercury House,
Mercury Gardens,
Romford, Essex RM1 3SL
United Kingdom

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