Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve


The Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve, managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust, is the longest established Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve (VMNR) in the UK. Because VMNR status does not offer any extra legal protection to the wildlife of the area, visitors and users are encouraged to contribute to safeguarding the site for future generations by treating the wildlife and the environment with respect. The reserve was established in 1978, in recognition of the high nature conservation value of the area and the suitability of the site - Kimmeridge Bay in particular, for marine education. The Fine Foundation Marine Centre, with interactive displays and aquaria, provides a fascinating and vital source of information, encouraging all ages to explore the bay.

An unusual double low tide allows extra time for exploring the more interesting ledges and pools along the lower edges of the shore and the best low tides (spring tides) always occur in the early to mid-afternoon - ideal for most visitors. Divers have known about the rich sublittoral habitats around Purbeck for many years and Kimmeridge is a favourite launching point for dive-boats. The many wrecks in the area are well visited, but natural reefs and seaweed gardens are also popular.


Kimmeridge Bay,
Wareham, Dorset BH20 5PF
United Kingdom

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