The Last Fishermen: catching local & eating local will help preserve our oceans and fish

This is a beautiful film from Greenpeace UK - worth watching in its own right. But it also carries a powerful message: we need to support our small-scale fishermen in the UK.

Doing so will help preserve skills and a way of life that has persisted for centuries. The UK fishing industry is under threat from industrial fishing companies that can scoop up in a day or an hour what a small boat will catch in a year. Our support will keep alive seaside communities that often have no other industry to fall back on.

Smaller scale fishing also promotes more consumer choice through a more diverse and seasonal catch and helps to protect our oceans and dwindling fish stocks.

The Last Fishermen campaign from Greenpeace
Greenpeace ( is running a campaign to make fishing policy more sustainable, end discards and put the health of our seas first.

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