How to write a Listings Description

Some things to consider when adding your listing:

  • Provide all your contact details - the point of the Green Guide is to put readers in touch with you so don't forget your email and telephone numbers.
  • Include your County or Borough and postcode/Zip - we need these for maps and for future content developments - both will make it easier for readers to find you in the directory.
  • Add your Tube/Train/Bus/Tram/Subway stops & lines - particularly useful if you have a shop or office which welcomes visitors.
  • Choose your Keywords carefully - you can add up to ten Keywords so select the words that most directly capture what you do, but also think laterally... try to think what readers might be looking for from you and how they might describe that.
  • What makes you special? - what do you do or offer that makes you stand out? If there is something - a service, a product, an attitude - then tell people.
  • What gets you going in the morning? - if there is a special reason why you do what you do, and you have a particular motivation, then let readers know.
  • Don't just list what you sell - readers will know roughly what you do from the categories your listing is in. So, give them more than just a menu... but...
  • Tell readers if you sell or offer something unique - if you do, or have, something others don't, then use the listing rather than a Keyword to say so. If it's unique a Keyword will be too oblique.
  • Don't mention saving the world - that's a given, this is the Green Guide after all.
  • Don't be smug or holier-than-thou - green is the new black, so that means being cool. Smug is not cool...

And finally...
If you miss something out, want to change what you wrote, or have a Homer Simpson moment and need to start again on a new listing, then just let us know. We will help and make your listing right.

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