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The Green Guide is much more than a consumer or business directory. For more than twenty years we have collected an ever-widening range of listings covering the whole gamut of green and sustainable living and thinking. You'll find entries for academic research, product development, consultants, politics and campaigning as well as a huge range of shopping and purchasing choices, including how to spend your leisure time and where to go on holiday.

Our aim is to create a rich and immersive experience when using the Green Guide, showing readers just how far green thinking and sustainable choices have developed, and revealing the real depth of choice available.

When the Online Directory is complete, you will be able to browse more than 22,000 entries.

The Listings...

  • Maps - each listing now has its own map, making it easier for you to locate an entry;
  • Book Structure - the new Book Structure of the Directory makes browsing more intuitive;
  • Key Words - each listing can now have up to ten key words, improving searches;
  • User Comments - registered users can make comments on individual entries;
  • Improved Searches - we have improved the search function making it easier for users to find what the are looking for;
  • Extended description - the word count on listing descriptions has increased to 200 words from 75;
  • Improved Links - links now open in a new window or tab, which means you can easily return to your place in the Directory and carry on browsing.

Adding a new listing to the Directory...
New listings submitted via the Add a Listing form should appear online within 7-14 days of submission.

Click on the Chapter titles to the left to browse the Directory.

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