BTCV launches free app to get the world growing food at home

Growing your own is simple, fun and can help you save money and take action against climate change

Get Growing, the new, free mobile app from environmental charity BTCV, aims to get the world growing, showing just how easy it is for people to produce their own food.

The app features a unique one touch calculator which allows users to enter their garden, balcony or plot size to find out exactly how much food they could grow. It also tells potential growers how much money they could save on supermarket fruit and veg purchases and how many food miles – the distance food travels from source - they could avoid.

The Get Growing app, which is available free through App Store, is part of BTCV’s award-winning Carbon Army campaign to encourage more food growing as a response to climate change.

As well as the one touch calculator which draws data from Which?, the app features home-grown recipes from Julia Bradbury, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and Linda Barker.

It also includes seasonal planting tips, information on how BTCV supports communities, a sign up for BTCV’s newsletter and a donate button.

“A growing number of people are starting to grow their own as a response to recession and concern about where their food comes from,” said BTCV Chief Executive Tom Flood CBE.

“Growing your own is simple, fun and can help you save money and take action against climate change."

Download the Get Growing app from the App Store.

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