‘Guerilla Ballet’ disrupts BP-sponsored opera event in Trafalgar Square

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Emily Coats, playing the White Swan Odette, said, “The performance was meant to be enjoyed, but also to shock, with a visible struggle between a vulnerable creature and a powerful oil giant.”

Three ballet dancers interrupted BP's third and final Summer Screen in Trafalgar Square, London, 30 minutes before the scheduled broadcast of the opera Cinderella began.

The action, on Wednesday 13th July, took the form of a short piece of dance based on Swan Lake, with the classic tale used as analogy for BP's controversial investment in the Canadian tar sands.

The performance featured the White Swan being smeared by an oily substance and suffocated with a cloth.

Explaining the purpose of the piece, Charlie Byers, who played the prince, said: “The tar sands are one of the biggest threats to the future of our climate; they are also destroying local communities and wildlife, trampling indigenous rights, and running Canada out of water and natural gas.

"It is a key time to pressure BP to withdraw, as the corporation has already substantially invested in the tar sands but will not start profiting for years to come.”

More info about this campaign...
Visit www.no-tar-sands.org and www.oilsandstruth.org

Canadian tar sands are the world's largest and dirtiest industrial project: exacerbating global warming through deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, causing rare forms of cancer amongst First Nations communities, destroying vast tracts of forest habitat and threatening wildlife to extinction.

NASA Scientist James Hansen has said that irreversible climate change is inevitable if all the oil in Canada's tar sands is burned. See http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2009/feb/17/barack-obama-canada-climate-change

BP announced in December 2010 its investment in the Sunrise Project, shared with Canadian company Husky Energy. Extraction is due to begin in 2014.

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