Organic chocolate lab opens in London's Dalston

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Niko B Organic Chocolates have opened the Chocolate Lab at the Avo Hotel in Dalston, London.

Following the success of their dessert only supperclub, 82 Dalston Lane will become a major chocolate workspace encompassing a chocolate shop, the Niko B chocolate kitchen and fresh hot chocolates and desserts served canteen-style at solid wood communal tables.

Niko B have created a unique environment where visitors can experience the vibrancy of an open kitchen with the creative process fully visible.

Customers can see how fresh truffles are made, melted, flavoured and, importantly, how they taste when they are served straight from the kitchen.

All produce is organic, and as much as possible is seasonal and locally sourced.

Fore more info:

T: +44 (0) 7505 783 275

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