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Sun protection has become ever more important. Rates of skin cancer have quadrupled over the past 30 years, making it the most common cancer in women aged 15 to 24. Most skin cancers are caused by over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and more than 2,000 people die from malignant melanoma each year [Source: Cancer Research UK].

Recognising the ever increasing importance of protecting skin from the dangers of UV light and understanding the desire for natural based sunscreens, Green People's award-winning, natural and organic range of suncare products offers ultimate natural sun protection without clogging the pores and provides nature's answer to enjoyable, safe and effective tanning.

Key facts about Green People's Organic Suncare range

Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection: All Green People sun lotions contain over 80% organic ingredients and the effective natural, broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection is generated with a blend of earth minerals, a UV filter derived from cinnamic acid, found in Cinnamon oil, and Edelweiss.

Protect against premature ageing: The products include natural antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C & E which come from Avocado and Rosemary extract which will help to support the skin's immune system and protect against cell damage, helping to avoid premature ageing.

Faster tanning: Green People's SFP15 lotion includes an extract from the Carob tree which naturally stimulates melanin, speeding up the tanning process by 25% and reducing the tan-fading rate by almost 50 per cent.

Soothing, moisture binding: Myrrh and Aloe Vera are added to the sun care range for their soothing, healing and moisture-binding properties to minimise peeling.

Suitable for sensitive skin: All Green People products are extremely gentle and suitable for people with a tendency to skin allergies. Green People do not use harsh pore-clogging silicones and mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or skin-drying alcohol.

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