AA launches new free Eco Driving App

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The app helps improve eco driving techniques

The AA has launched a new, free app which aims to make eco driving fun - and help drivers save an average of between 10 and 20 percent on fuel bills*.

The driver starts by selecting the vehicle, or mode of transport that best matches their own, ranging from van, super mini, saloon, bicycle to even a pair of trainers if walking or running. The app is activated at the beginning of the journey and will monitor your driving and display to passengers how economically you are driving. At the end of the journey an Eco Rating will be awarded for the journey depending on how economically you have driven. This score is saved and can be used to compare subsequent journeys to see how well you are improving over time.

Results can be saved to and shared via Facebook.

The AA Eco Driving App is available for free from iTunes and the Android store.

* When 50 AA employees took part in an eco-driving experiment with Auto Express magazine they saved an average 10% on their weekly fuel bills, with the best achieving an incredible 33% saving.

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