Renault’s Kangoo Van Z.E. range now eligible for the UK’s Plug-in Van Grant

Justine Greening, Transport Secretary and Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicles Programme, Renault UK with the Kangoo Van Z.E.

Renault’s Kangoo Van Z.E. range is now eligible for the UK’s new Plug-in Van Grant, offering buyers up to 20% off its purchase price.

The Plug-In Van Grant provides purchasers with 20% off the cost of an eligible plug-in van, up to a maximum of £8,000. The grant is open to both business and private buyers. In the case of the Kangoo Van Z.E., the new initiative brings the line-up’s starting price down to £13,592 excluding VAT. Battery hire (the cost of the battery is not included in the upfront figure) is available from £60 per month.

All three variants of Renault’s Kangoo Van Z.E. are eligible for the new grant, the standard Kangoo Van Z.E., plus the longer wheelbase Maxi and five-seat Maxi Crew Van. As electric vehicles, they are all exempt from London Congestion Charge, 100% first year capital write-down allowance, plus zero road tax and fuel duty.

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