Ben Fogle soars above the Eden Project Biome with the Olympic Flame

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Ben Fogle holds the Olympic Torch aloft with the Eden Biomes in the background (pic by Tom Griffiths)

As the Olympic Flame began its 70-day journey throughout the UK, Ben Fogle held it aloft when he soared above the the world’s biggest indoor rainforest at the Eden Project on Saturday.

The Flame arrived in convoy at Eden near St Austell, Cornwall, and was handed to presenter, writer and adventurer Ben who held the lit torch aloft on a platform overlooking the world-famous Biomes before jogging down through large crowds in the spectacular global garden.

The Flame was then transferred into a safety lantern and Ben headed for the Rainforest where he was harnessed under Eden’s helium balloon to soar nearly 50 meters up above the trees.

Ben Fogle said: “That was one of the most amazing experiences. As I ran through the Eden Project there were crowds of people and roars of appreciation. The balloon in the Rainforest rose to the top of the Biome and it was extraordinary looking out on a sea of people and all the plants below. It felt very special and I was very proud to be part of it.”

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