Plant a kiss on FoE & help create 60 bee-friendly space

Friends of the Earth is asking the public to plant a kiss on its website and thereby help in the drive to create 60 new green spaces in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

As part of the environment charity's campaign The Bee Cause, and to mark the Royal celebrations, FoE is urging people to back its commitment to creating the bee-friendly patches in towns and rural areas across the UK. The Jubilee spaces will range from small urban strips to large rural meadows right across the country.

The Bee Cause was launched in response to the recent alarming decline in bees - important pollinators responsible for much of our food, including most of our favourite fruit and vegetables.

A recent report by Friends of the Earth (see the recent news item on the Green Guide) revealed that, alongside pesticide use, disease and climate change, habitat loss has played a big part in falling bee numbers. For example in the Queen's lifetime alone, hay meadows have declined by 97 per cent.

The project is part of a push from the charity to ask people to back one of its campaigns by planting their kiss on their favourite cause at Once 5,000 people have made their mark, work on the project will begin.

Alongside the Jubilee project, The Bee Cause is supporting people to be more bee-friendly in their gardens and communities. The charity is also calling on David Cameron to commit to a National Bee Action Plan.

Paul de Zylva, Nature Campaigner at Friends of the Earth said: "This is the year for saying 'long live the Queen Bee' - and our project aims to provide more of the flower-rich habitats British bees need to boost their declining numbers.

"Without bees we'd have to spend billions hand-pollinating our crops - meaning our diets, and our pockets, are much richer if we keep our bee populations healthy.

"Everyone can help bees by planting the right flowers and making Jubilee bee spaces - it's a great way to make the celebrations last."

Get involved and plant your kiss!

To find out what else you can do to help bees, visit

To suggest a potential bee-friendly site, email:

There will be different categories including for public parks, village greens, town centres and roadside verges.

To read a briefing on the report by Friends of the Earth on bees, see

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