Eco Construction Techniques Workshop - Cob Building



The Organic Art Ranch, Apuseni Mountains, Rachitele, Transylvania, Romania


Sunday June 30th to Saturday July 13th 2013


The 10 day workshop fee is 120€
Food and lodging for an extra fee

Event Description

Eco Construction Techniques Workshop - Cob Building: How to Render a Log House with Natural Materials

The Organic Art Ranch is a sanctuary in the middle of Nature, in a small scattered mountain village of Transylvania. We organize a workshop here to help people learn about a more sustainable living. During the workshop you will learn traditional methods and knowledge handed down form previous generations and experience gathered from all around the world by our skillful master. You will acquire the basic knowledge of working with clay plaster and clay such as finding the right materials, understanding what adobe is and what its benefits are, creating a good mixture for plastering, applying cob successfully and more.

Participants will practice and learn with the master 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. The rest of the time will be free, with an extra hour to discuss methods, ideas and share thoughts. It involves a fine mix of learning and enjoying nature during your holiday. The evenings will be spent sharing knowledge and experiences as well as playing music around the campfire in a multicultural group setting.

The leader of the workshop, Sebastian Von Valkenstein has over 12 years of experience. He has worked in various ecological construction projects in several diverse countries, delivering ecological building workshops in Nepal, Austria, Romania, North Carolina, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and more.

About the Organiser

The Organic Art Ranch
The Organic Art Ranch is a place for lovers of nature, art and music, where you can get away to a unique sanctuary and enjoy cultural exchange and a more sustainable way of living.

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