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Way back in 1994 Caroline Bennett founded Moshi Moshi and started the kaiten-sushi revolution, simply because she loved sushi and was convinced other Londoners would as well. Since then, the restaurant has always stuck to time-honoured Japanese techniques and used the best ingredients we can.

Moshi Moshi serves good, honest Japanese food, and is also an organisation utterly committed to the conservation of our seas. We’re very proud of our fish, and have always worked hard on getting a locally-sourced, best fishing practice catch, of outstanding quality.

  • We first became aware of problems of over fishing in the ocean when we found it difficult to get bluefin tuna in 1997, once we learnt it was as endangered as the rhino, we took it off our menus - we were the first restaurant in the UK to do so.
  • Farmed or wild? We are wary of the damage farme fish may cause on marine life, so we have tried, where possible, to completely remove it from our menu, with the notable exception of our salmon. Loch Duart is a champion of responsible farming, and the quality of their salmon goes unrivalled.
  • We know our fisherman. Thanks to Slow Food we met our wonderful fishing family from Cornwall, who supply us with nearly all our other fin-fish. They fish with static nets which means they do little damage to the marine environment. They don’t throw away any of their fish. They land the fish the day before it arrives with us, and send it directly to us, often arriving still in rigor mortis. The whole family is involved in the business, so it also helps support rural communities in the UK. Without the skill and knowledge of these fisherman, in future we would have no choice but to rely on trawl-caught environmentally damaging fish, so it is important that we take responsibility on our part to support marine-friendly local UK fishers.


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7247 3227


Unit 24, Liverpool Street Station, London EC2M 7QH
United Kingdom

Key Words

Ethical sushi, sustainable sushi, sustainable Japanese restaurant.

Memberships & Accreditations

Caroline is at the forefront of campaigns to protect fish stocks, for which she has won a number of awards including the prestigious Green Apple Award for the Environment, and the RSPCA Award for Animal Welfare, and lauded as a 2009 international Seafood Champion by SeaWeb’s Seafood Choices.

Moshi Moshi was one of the first 5 restaurants in the UK to achieve Marine Stewardship Council accreditation.

Caroline works with other independent, marine-friendly small-scale inshore fisherman around the UK through Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurant whose aim is to link ethically minded fisherman to London’s restaurant.

Caroline sits on the Board of Slow Food UK and Sustainable Fish City’s Advisory Board

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