Beyond Skin aims to kick on with funding for a new line of ethical shoes

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Ethical footwear brand Beyond Skin have created a project with the funding platform, Kickstarter, with the aim of putting into production a new diffusion line of cruelty-free shoes. This new collection will offer a selection of stylish and comfy ladies' vegan shoes to sit alongside their current luxury ’boutique’ collection.

As you may know, Beyond Skin is a 10 year old, self-funded, indie, UK vegan footwear label dedicated to designing cruelty-free, luxury shoes for stylish, discerning ladies. We hope to introduce more affordable, stylish vegan footwear to the world.

See Beyond Skin’s project here.

This new range will launch with 10 styles, which have been designed for everyday wear at a more affordable price-point without sacrificing our signature, vintage inspired aesthetic and will (hopefully with your help ☺) be available on our online store, retailing from £69

The journey, although mostly fun, has not been all roses along the way for team Beyond Skin. Like many small ethical fashion brands we have had our fair share of challenges, from the turbulent economic climate to manufacturing mishaps combined with the impact of our strict policy of sourcing ethically within the EU.

This has all contributed to a rather slow growth process but we have managed to survive these obstacles thanks to having incredibly loyal customers who have nurtured our existence.

The most recent challenge was the devastating misfortune of our main factory closing down taking with it the vast majority of our Spring ’13 luxury ‘boutique’ line of vegan shoes. This left us considerably short of the funding we needed to create this new diffusion line leading us to implement the Kickstarter project.

Beyond Skin will be ready to place our first order for the new collection, with our manufacturer in Spain, as soon as we reach our minimum target of £20,000 - and there is a time limit with the project window closing on August 6th.

Please support Beyond Skin and help us reach our goal in any way by blogging, tweeting, or facebooking, to help spread awareness about our project, so we can reach more women around the globe, appeal to the masses and finally grow Beyond Skin!

We passionately want to continue contributing to the busting of all preconceptions of how the earnest demographic is usually portrayed and demonstrate that vegan fashion labels can be stylish, high quality and gorgeous. This project will not only support Beyond Skin to grow, but hopefully assist in gradually transforming the way that an entire industry sources and implements its materials and working practices.

Those who are able to support us with a pledge can choose from a varied selection of ‘rewards’; from £5 upwards starting from a fairtrade branded shopper bag, all the way up to designing their own perfect pair of shoes!

We really hope you can assist Beyond Skin on our journey and spread the word about this Kickstarter project to your shoe wearing/animal loving friends, plus all of those vegans and vegetarians out there! We will be incredibly, eternally grateful!

This guest blog was written by Heather Whittle, founder of Beyond Skin.

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Their twitter handle is @beyondskintweet and they're also on Facebook

You can view Beyond Skin’s vegan shoe project here…

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